Welcome to BLISNet

BLISNet is a national group of best in class surgeons who have met the strict underwriting standards required under BLIScare* insurance.  

If you are considering surgery, select a procedure below to browse this group of BLIScare insured surgeons and learn about the unique bundled surgery packages that BLISNet has available.

*BLIScare is not health insurance, but rather an innovative, surgeon-centric insurance delivered by Leavitt Risk Partners, insuring the surgeon, who is then able to provide their patients with the peace of mind of financial protection against additional medical costs that may arise from known complications.

Why Choose an BLISNet Surgeon?

Only a BLIScare surgeon can help protect you from medical bills that result from complications of your surgery.

Want to learn more about why choosing a BLIScare surgeon makes sense for you? We can help. Contact Leavitt Risk Partners today!

Qualified Surgeons

Carefully selected surgeons
with years of focused interest
and clinical experience.

Bundled Packages

Complete bundled package arrangements that include risk protection so you know exactly what your cost will be

Many Locations

BLISNet surgeons can be
found in 44 states

Financing Options

Loans to help you make
the most appropriate

Customer Support

Real people to
answer questions
and offer support

BLIScare Protection

Peace of mind
for all procedures

BLISNet allows you to select bundled package arrangements that protect you.

Your surgery package includes your surgeon, who leads your care, anesthesia, facility, and exclusive protection from complication related medical expense.

A Qualified Surgeon for Each Surgery Package

You've taken a lot of time to think about your surgery. We've taken a lot of time to identify the best surgeons so you don't have to worry about the risk of these added costs. Why wouldn't you choose a BLISNet surgeon to perform your case?

Protection from Financial Surprises

Patients are at risk of a complication during any surgical procedure.  Any surgeon can experience a complication.   The best surgeons experience them less frequently and when they do occur the are less severe.   These are the surgeons who qualify for BLIScare which makes them unique in their ability to protect their patients from the medical costs associated with treating a complication of surgery.